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We are professional wedding planners offering an exclusive, personalized service for all types of couples, traditional or gay, who wish to get married in Madrid or Marbella.

A wedding planner’s experience and contacts will make your wedding as close to perfect as possible. The wedding planner is in charge of coordinating all of the providers and guests, managing the hired services and organizing every event detail. They will be the friend, confidant and representative of the happy couple with the goal of saving them time, money and effort.

Perfection, enthusiasm, dedication and shared excitement will convey security and confidence to our clients.

Our aim is to produce a perfect, unforgettable wedding that you will enjoy to its fullest on the “big day” and most importantly that will make the best use of your resources. Time is gold! We offer a personalized service and will respect your budget and preferences. We only work with the best providers.

Additionally, we offer the most exclusive and glamorous venues: dreamy estates, spectacular hotels, and beach clubs with breathtaking views. All venues are meticulously decorated by the best professionals in floral décor and setting (lighting, music…) to create the perfect ambiance worthy of this special day.

Tell us your dream, and we will make it your reality.

We will design the wedding from beginning to end. The venue rental (whether it be a religious or civil wedding), guest management, bride, groom and wedding party styling and protocol, the bride’s dress and makeup, the groom’s suit, jewelry, wedding invitations, photography and video, the reception location, catering, decoration, transportation, wedding gifts, and even your honey moon—leave it all to us! We will keep you up to date on the latest and chicest trends.

We will keep you informed on the timing of everything with a precise wedding calendar that we will establish together. We will accompany you to all of the venues and meetings necessary and will advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of each of your decisions. Our team will make sure not one detail is overlooked.

Many people think that hiring a Wedding Planner is out of their budget, but don’t be fooled. We will secure discounts with our many providers that will help you save.

Forget the dark circles, nerves, stress, disappointments and arguments. Leave it all to us. It’s time to celebrate!

Reasons to hire us

  • Lack of time
  • You live abroad
  • Reliance on a professional with experience and creativity
  • All-inclusive wedding planning
  • Themed weddings, different and original (classic and glamorous, vintage, kosher, Muslim, Russian…)
  • Have an exclusive and unique wedding
  • Get peace of mind for the “big day”
  • And of course, take advantage of our experience in Image and Protocol Consulting


Via email or telephone we will begin to work with you on a proposal that is adapted to your needs and budget. You can follow-up with the organization and planning of your wedding online through a private feature of our website using your username and password.

This option is perfect for couples who live abroad or far from the wedding location, as well as for those with limited extra time or for whatever reason are unable to travel to make the arrangements themselves.